Why should I hire someone to test my game / website / software when I can do it myself?

A tester is necessary for a fresh perspective on your product. All information and secrets will be confidential because of the professional relationship you share with the tester.

The tester is a user, and therefore; can provide feedback from a casual perspective similar to most of your customers who might not have a programming background. You can get all types of information from the tester, including feature comparisons, suggestions, and constructive criticism.

If you hire me as an online tester, I can check your game, website, and/or software for any typos, glitches, and inconsistencies depending on what traits you value most about your product.

All testing services include:

Before making the purchase, kindly provide a working link to the website / software / video game you want tested.

My Computer Specifications:

Packages & Pricing:

Basic Plan
One Hour Testing

Standard Plan
Three Hour Testing

Premium Plan
Four Hours & Above Testing

Here are a few samples to showcase my testing procedure that were done voluntarily without being hired by their respective companies. The full length video was included to show how testing is done and the shorter videos show the final product that employers will be receiving. Notepad records of the glitches are also included below: